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March, 2017 ~ Laurie Altman's newest CD project, "Sonic Migrations", a double CD just released by NEOS MUSIC GMBH. All of the compositions on the CD were written by Laurie Altman(spanning some 23 years) and will feature a remarkable group of musicians including;
Clipper Erickson, Piano
Matthias Mueller, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Patrice Michaels, Soprano
Eugenia Molinar, Flute
Denis Azbagic, Guitar
The Manhattan String Quartet
Andrew Rathbun, Saxophone
Laurie Altman, Composer, Piano
Randy Bauer, Piano
Kuang-Hao, Piano
John Bruce Yeh, Clarinet

Review from Forced Exposure:

Laurie Altman's musical compositions on Sonic Migrations represent, in some way, a passage: A passage through places (globally), history and events, words, sonic environments, people's lives and their mutual emotions. The pieces are the by-product of a time span of some 25 years, encompassing diverse ensembles and sonic frameworks, far-flung influences, textures, and feelings. There are some outstanding artists playing, like Clipper Erickson (piano), or the Manhattan String Quartet, to name a few. And there is a technical innovation: The Sensor Augmented Bass Clarinet (SABRE) is a bass clarinet, playable in the customary way, and equipped with various sensors with which a computer can be controlled. The original qualities of the instrument are retained, and through the connection to the computer a whole new field of possibilities and areas of application is opened up. With the SABRE, a musical instrument is available for the first time with which a direct connection between acoustic music and the digital world can be realized. The musician on stage can directly control this with his/her instrument, thus spontaneously placing the electronic music into a musical context. Moreover, other media such as visuals, light or video games can be controlled. "No Hay Olvido (Sonata)" features a poem by Pablo Neruda; "Laments of the Homeless Women" features apoem by David Sten Herrstrom. Personnel: Laurie Altman - piano; Randy Bauer - piano; Kuang-Hao Huang - piano; Clipper Erickson - piano; Patrice Michaels - soprano; Matthias Mueller - clarinet, SABRE; John Bruce Yeh - clarinet; Andrew Rathbun - saxophone; Cavatina Duo (Eugenia Moliner - flute; Denis Azabagic - guitar) and Manhattan String Quartet.

Laurie Altman will have two new CD's out this fall. The first one, produced by Judith Sherman, will be a double CD released on NEOS, the Munich based company which already released Altman's Convergence and Divergence CD's. Recorded in New York City and Chicago, it features some of the finest musicians that those two cities have to offer. Plans are underway for a fall release, followed by concerts in Switzerland and Munich.

The second Altman CD, will be with Guitarist(13 String Acoustic) Anders Miolin, and two vocalists, Irina Ungureanu and Isabel Pferrkohn. Recorded in Zurich in the studio's of Radio Station SRF 2, it is a follow-up to the very successful Miolin/Altman CD on Guild Records called, "Danza, Danza". A fall release on a Polish label is expected. The Producer is one of Europe's finest, Malgorzata. More details will follow.

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Altman On Course  

On Course

The works from 'On Course' represent a broad cross section of sonic and stylistic moments created over an almost 24 year period by composer Laurie Altman. The generative links between all the pieces seem to be an overarching lyrical sentiment coupled with the interplay of animation, dance and drama.
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On Affeto Records 0401, feautring Ed Schuller on Bass and Laurie Altman on Piano.
All Compositions and arrangements by Laurie Altman.
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audio accordingly

  Part of Me

Jackie Jones (vocals), Laurie Altman (piano),
Greg Bufford (drums), Brian Glassman (bass),
Bob Hanlon (sax).
Vocalist Jackie Jones on TSE Records, featuring the compositions and arrangements of Laurie Altman, who plays the piano as well.
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audio part of me


For Now at Least
Laurie Altman, Quintet

Progressive Records 7066 (1981)
Featuring: Mack Goldsbury, George Naha, Tom Marvel, Bill DiMartino and Laurie Altman.
All Compositions by Laurie Altman

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audio_for now at least

  Carnival of Crime
by Mark Twain

For Spencer Entertainment Enterprises, Inc (1990).
Performed by Larry Kenney, Music by Laurie Altman

Music for Two Pianos
Barton & Lehrer

Featuring the Barton/Lehrer Duo.
Featured on the CD is Altman's composition "Theme and Variations for Two Pianos"

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audio_music for two pianos

  Sophisticated Lady
Altman Classical Progam

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audio sophisticated lady
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