Concert in August 2024 in Bellmund

03/14/24 - We are planning to have a concert in August 2024 in Bellmund, in the concert hall....La Prairie....Where the new CD should be offered to the public and where Clipper Erickson, myself and our producer, Malgorzata-Albinska Franck will have the opportunity to talk and interact with the audience. Two years earlier, I was the [...]

“From Somewhere” to be released mid September 2024 by Parma

03/14/24 - After almost 12 years with NEOS GMBH Music, my latest CD, "From Somewhere" will be released mid September by Parma, who offered me a wonderful support network and to really get the music out to a wide variety of sources and platforms.  "From Somewhere" will be a double CD with over 100 minutes [...]

New CD on NEOS entitled “Love Songs” released January 2022

02/20/22 - A beautiful new CD on NEOS entitled: "Love Songs", dedicated to my beloved Jeannine, and featuring her magnificent photos throughout the enclosed booklet. "Love Songs" includes musicians from America, and Austria (Vienna Philharmonic musicians), as well as a superlative singer from Austria, Isabel Pfefferkorn, a real superstar here in Europe, able to sing [...]

Editions Bim To Publish Laurie Altman’s Music

08/02/19 - Editions Bim, a wonderful publishing house located in Vuarmarens, Switzerland will begin publishing a substantial amount of Laurie Altman's music making it available and more accessible to the general public.  Editions Bim will begin with 4 works for Trumpet and Piano, and Altman's brass quintet, "The Colloquists".  This will be followed by a [...]

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