03/14/24 – After almost 12 years with NEOS GMBH Music, my latest CD, “From Somewhere” will be released mid September by Parma, who offered me a wonderful support network and to really get the music out to a wide variety of sources and platforms.  “From Somewhere” will be a double CD with over 100 minutes of my work.  Recorded in Switzerland….in Bellmund, near Biel, it features pianist Clipper Erickson performing a diverse program of my compositions.  The CD will feature:
Piano Sonata`s # 10, subtitled, “Aleppo”, and Piano Sonata 11 (A covid inspired work).  Respectively: 2018 and 2020 compositions
12 Preludes and Fugues…..Sets I and II  (2019)
That Day:  In memory of George Floyd  (2022)
Prelude # 17….an earlier work (1991)
Boogie…….Movement I from Piano Sonata # 8 (2014)
Soliloquy….1997…….A Love Song for Jeannine