Love Songs CD

A beautiful new CD on NEOS entitled: “Love Songs”, dedicated to my beloved Jeannine, and featuring her magnificent photos throughout the enclosed booklet. “Love Songs” includes musicians from America, and Austria (Vienna Philharmonic musicians), as well as a superlative singer from Austria, Isabel Pfefferkorn, a real superstar here in Europe, able to sing Classical, Opera and Jazz.


“A chance encounter, some twenty-five years ago, provided the inspiration for the “Love Songs” CD.

For at the conclusion of a lecture that day I met, Jeannine Hummel, who was to become my wife, my companion in all things musical and otherwise, and who has continued to provide both the inspiration, as well as the critical insight and intuitive ear for so many of my musical compositions.

Each track on the CD represents, in some way, an expression of love, of passion, compassion, mystery, devotion and human warmth. Six of the compositions emerged initially as simple piano 8201;/ 8201;vocal works, written during a weekend in Aspen, Colorado. Though loving the character of these pieces, I sensed a need to expand, transform and reimagine them. Broaden the sonic palette and rhythmic consistency, finding within each work, newer elements and departures; ways in and out, not visibly seen and experienced before. Additional newer works, on similar themes contributed both variety and depth to the CD’s initial framework.

What has remained intact throughout is the binding, cohesive and deeply satisfying feeling of sharing a life and a love with this most special, most loving and most extraordinary woman.” – Laurie Altman, 10 August 2021